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Complete Boot Kit - Salomon UFS

Regular price $34.00

This kit replaces the mounting hardware on your standard Salomon UFS skate models with ISO 7380-2, A2-50 Stainless Steel torx drive screws.  (*see below)

Your complete boot kit includes:
(20) m4x10 soul screws
(4) m6x14 UFS bolts
(6) m4x6 buckle screws 
(1) Drive handle
(1) t-30 Torx bit
(1) t-20 Torx bit
(1) 4mm allen head
(1) FruitTech 10 chamber storage system

(20% of all gross sales goes directly to the team)

*This kit will only work on the base model Salomon UFS boots. If you have aftermarket soul plates, contact us and we can make something specific for your application.