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FruitTech Team

Pro Riders


Team Riders

Jeremy Troia - 37 / M / Detroit
Husband, BL8DAD, Ulcerative Colitis warrior, street & park shredder.
Pro-fresh-onal rollerblader

Amber Rivera - 27 / F / New York
Shredding the South Bronx and surrounding boroughs since her youth, Amber uses rollerblading to challenge herself physically and mentally. It takes confidence and drive to land tricks outside of your comfort zone, just like it does to finish college and pursue a career in medicine! 


Sprout Community Riders


Bryce Butler - 8 / M / Alberta (April 2nd-May 17th 2021)
Soaring high out of Shredmonton, Bryce is our first Sprout and International rider. The future holds nothing but promise for this little dynamo!