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FruitTech Team

Pro Riders

The Acosta Blades Family - Colorado Springs
Josh, Ni, & Phillip are a powerhouse blading family dedicated to furthering the sport through nutrition, balance, training, and education. Ni and Josh are both personal trainers, and 16 year old Phillip plays guitar and piano when he's not shredding the park. We invite you to join their other 30,000 subscribers and follow along with their weekly lessons and adventures over on Youtube:  
Roll With The Acostas


Kennan Scott - M / 42 / Oakland
Husband, father to two boys, and traumatic brain injury survivor, Kennan uses skating for mental and physical health. Always community-focused, Kennan was drawn to Fruittech’s dedication to non-traditional pro athletes. A pillar and activist in his community, Kennan is a icon in the blading world and has been doing it all longer than you've been alive. 
Blading On The Brain

Team Riders

Jeremy Troia - 38 / M / Detroit
With FruitTech since it's inception, Jeremy is a husband, BL8DAD, Ulcerative Colitis warrior, and a true street & park shredder.
He's also a pro"fresh"onal rollerblader

Amber Rivera - 27 / F / New York
Shredding the South Bronx and surrounding boroughs since her youth, Amber uses rollerblading to challenge herself physically and mentally. It takes confidence and drive to land tricks outside of your comfort zone, just like it does to finish college and pursue a career in medicine! 

Danny Thepsouvanh - 37 / M / Edmonton
Danny's skating mostly consists of AO topside acids, sprinkled amply throughout all of Western Canada. At the ripe young age of 37, Danny believes in FruitTech's blader-forward approach and wants to help cultivate the community-spirit it represents. This is most reflected in his work with Shredmonton Inline, a non-profit, community-focused inline skating association based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 

Sprout Community Riders


Bryce Butler - 8 / M / Alberta (April 2nd-May 17th 2021)
Soaring high out of Shredmonton, Bryce is our first Sprout and International rider. The future holds nothing but promise for this little dynamo! 

Laura & Lea - 10 / Fs / Switzerland
(October 15th - December 1st)
One day, Laura & Lea saw a ramp in an abandoned skatepark and immediately knew they had to try it! These girls love to skate - sometimes as much as 20 hours per week! Fun is always first for them, as their smiles and  infectious positivity can attest. 

Stefan Vajsabel - 14 / M / Edmonton
(Feb. 4th, 2022 - March 20th, 2022)
Stefan is a straight ripper! Another member of the Shredmonton Crew, he's a skier, mountain biker, Hockey player, Volleyballer, street & ice skater, and a math whiz! Whew! This future is bright for this grinder!

Thor & Astrid Garcia
These two little rippers are filled with energy and zest for life!

THOR: The name fits him perfectly.; a young man who strives to throw hammers all day long! He loves rollerblading more than anything, except for maybe oatmeal... He challenges himself to keep up with the older boys at the park and will not stop until he nails it! Other than rollerblading, Thor likes parkour, coding, piano and playing with his best friends.
ASTRID: Don’t be fooled by this one - she might look cute and innocent, but when she straps on her blades, she transforms into a girl on fire! No challenge is too hard for her and she never gives up! She giggles when she drops down a 14 foot ramp and just loves life!