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About Us

What is FruitTech?

We are a community-focused, Blader-Forward company that believes the world will be a better place when more people have wheels on their feet!

We believe that inline skating is an incredible flow-sport and deserves incredible products. You'll be happier if your skates work better. FruitTech exists to help make that happen.

We are a small company with big ideas, and we're asking you to trust us while we grow. We promise to do everything we can to keep you happy, and keep you skating.

What does Blader-Forward mean?

Our Blader-Forward program means many things. It is an overarching company policy that starts with a fierce dedication to supporting anyone and everyone who puts time, love, and effort into inline skating. It means being dedicated to an aggressive royalty and inclusion policy that will match or better industry standards in every way possible. It means keeping promises and being accountable with consistent earnings and payout updates for team riders... But, most importantly, it means giving back to you!

We want to pay our Team Riders, or our Pro Skaters, as much as possible, but we also believe that the nameless skater, who grinds a P-rail in their driveway for 200 hours a year, deserves something too. So, we plan on doing monthly sponsorships for our Community Riders as well. More info coming soon! 

It might be too ambitious, and we might fail. But we believe that the community is everything. And we believe that our success is directly related to the success of others. We're not just blader-owned. We're Blader-Forward.