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Complete Boot Kit - Standard Omni

Regular price $28.00

This kit replaces all of your stock mounting hardware with ISO 7380-2, A2-70 Stainless Steel torx drive screws and bolts. With the Omni, you're also getting to experience part of our new ultra flat series of screws on your soul plates!

Your complete boot kit includes:
(8) m6x12 Ultra Low Torx Soul screws
(4) m6x20 Torx UFS bolts
(6) m4x6 Buckle and strap screws
(1) Drive handle
(1) t-30 Torx bit
(1) t-20 Torx bit
(1) 4mm allen head
(1) FruitTech 10 chamber storage system
(1) Vibratite thread locker

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